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All Data from PIXY2 SPI?



I am using PICAXE BASIC. I can get data from an older PIXY camera, but using the same software to read data from the new PIXY2 I don’t see any data ???

I need to know what is all the data I can get from the PIXY2 via the SPI and what each byte/word means.


Hi Walt,
We did change the protocol for Pixy2 because the older protocol made it difficult to support multiple sensor modes. Please check out this page for information on the new protocol:




I’ve been trying to send a request to the PIXY2 via SPI and I2C but so far I’m not getting an answer. I really wish the camera just constantly sent x,y data … simply receiving data seems so much easier.


Hello Walt,
Sorry for the problems. If you haven’t done so already, start by sending the sequence:


If you’re not getting a response to this sequence, you might take a look with an oscilloscope to make sure the bits are being sent to Pixy2.