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What is the PWM resolution for the pan/tilt servos?


Hi devs,
I just studied the PWM capabilities of the ESP8266 and it turns out, it does 10bit PWM. ( 1024 steps)
Just wondering, if Pixy Servo control offers same resolution?
From earlier experience with quadcopter controllers using 8bit vs.10bit PWM I can tell it’s a different world!
Maybe it’s worth running pan/tilt servos from the ESP directly?



Hi Olli,
The effective resolution of the servo PWM outputs on Pixy is 1 part in 1000, which is basically 10 bits. :slight_smile:



That’s good to know!
I’m planning to write a “servo” function which suits RC-ESCs better. Instead of sending 0-180° angle, I want to init the ESC and teach it the PWM ranges for forward, idle, brake, reverse.
That’s usually done with a remote control transmitter/receiver, but much more convenient if it can be done by MCU. Then I can control dc brushed or brushless motors.