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Useing pixy 1 with rasberry pi 3


i was trying to use the pixy with my rasberry pi 3 following those instractions https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v1:hooking_up_pixy_to_a_raspberry_pi
but when i am trying to " sudo ./hello_pixy
" it says:
Hello Pixy:
libpixyusb Version: 0.4
pixy_init(): USB Error: Target not found

but it connected through USB. what could be the problem?


For some reason it’s unable to connect to your Pixy . It could be your USB cable, or perhaps Pixy isn’t getting enough current. Have you tried compiling and running Pixymon? (for testing purposes)



turns out the problam was in the pixy itself, thank you anyway.


I’m glad you determined the cause. Can you please describe how your Pixy was failing and if you were able to resolve?