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Upgrading original Pixy with Pixy 2


I ordered two Pixy 2 cams to try out on my robots that already have the original Pixy cam. I was wondering if the code is pretty much the same for both versions, or am I going to have to rewrite all of the camera code?
I imagine I’ll need to change the block size and certainly teach the new camera colors. But other than that will it be plug and play to swap the camera out?


I received the new Pixy 2 cameras. The code is totally different, but not unexpected and not a big deal. The bigger bummer is the field of view which is much too narrow for my application. Oh well, I’ll keep the Pixy 2’s for another project.
Here’s a comparison of the different field of views.


Hello Scott,
You are correct – Pixy2 does have a narrower field of view. We’re sorry that you prefer the wider field of view. :frowning:



No worries, Edward. I had read it was narrower but figured I’d try them anyways. Are you still going to provide support for the original Pixy and PixyMon? I got a notification on my Mac that the PixyMon app was outdated even though it’s the current version.


Hello Scott,
Perhaps Apple pulled the trigger on supporting 64-bit only applications. However, PixyMon is easy to build. This page has information:


Sorry, but we don’t have a 64-bit version built.