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Unexpected changing field view


A few days ago, I set my Pixy2 at a fixed angle looking obliquely at a sheet of paper. I carefully traced our the field of view on the paper using a marker by looking at the image using the provided PixyMon.

Then today I turn on the system and the tracing I made previously does not come close to lining up with the current field of view. I figured the camera position many have changed, but try as I might, I can’t get them to be at all close. It would appear the new FOV is much narrower than the older one.

Since the lens can’t change, (and if I am not losing my marbles), then the change must be something done in the camera. Based on lighting, program mode (blob vs line), or anything else, does the FOV ever change? Some kind of electronic zoom when the moon is in the seventh house?


Hi Skye,
Hmm, that’s pretty odd. The FOV is constant. Can you attach a screenshot?



Not possible as I did not snap a picture are the ‘other FOV’. Today it seems to be in the second state. I will keep my eye on it for a while. Must be the wrong time to give up coffee.