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Unable to detect IR beacon


Hi Team,

I am using PixyMon: 2.0.10 and pixy firmware 2.0.19.

I am trying to detect an IR beacon. On raw video this is my output


However, when I try to detect the beacons using default program , I get a black screen and no detection like this,


Can anyone please help me out?


There isn’t any hue/color in the IR light that Pixy can use to detect – only intensity. Pixy uses hue/color for detection. An object you wish to detect will need to have a distinct hue/color.

You might consider using IR-lock (irlock.com)

Hope this helps.



Hello @edge,

Thank for your reply. The object I am trying to detect is IR beacon


To be clear, you are saying this wouldn’t work ?

I followed instructions on this link http://docs.irlock.com/



Hi Ash,

it seems like you’re using a stock Pixy - where did you order from?

If you did not order direct from IR-LOCK, you probably need to install their custom lens and filter kit, available here: https://irlock.com/collections/shop/products/ir-lock-filter-for-pixy?variant=1078583111

The stock Pixy has an IR-blocking coating on the lens, which I think you still have on - in the first photo you included, the IR LEDs should be much brighter.

Hope this helps!