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Tripod adapter for Pan/Tilt kit


This is not really “Pixy hardware” and not too spectacular as well…

I’ve designed and 3D printed a small tripod adapter which attaches directly to the pan-servo and allows to mount pixy onto a tripod.
I need my pixy to be stationary and as a side effect having it next to the development table frees up some space.


The holes are 50mm apart, height is 5mm and I printed with just 25% infill and 1.2mm wall thickness.
The splines did not turn out too well (0.4mm nozzle) but I could carefully widen the hole and get a nice press fit. The alternative would have been to attach the standard nylon adapters, but mine do not use the full height of the gear (only around 2mm of the 3.1mm) and the thin walls are weaker as well. At least this solution seems to be more stable.

The lowered section covers the area where the zip ties might interfere.

Attached it looks like this:


Reason for the center displacement is that I wanted to have as much free turning area as possible. I’m planning to create a small “experimental platform” that covers the chips and allows small “things” to be attached. Not for permanent use, but a nice thing for testing.
“Things” in my case is an iPhone 7. I was not sure if that would work at all, as it is quite heavy and bulky compared to the free area below pixy’s camera. Even worse, trying to bring both lenses close together, brings everythng way out of balance.
So I attached the phone with an awful rubbber band construction to find that the small servos handled the load surprisingly well :slight_smile:




Hi Frank,
Cool – thanks for sharing! We’re curious here what you’re working on :slight_smile:



Hi Edward,
I’m not sure I can go into details at the current state, but it will become quite obvious as project progresses, if I post about it :wink:

It’s currently more or less an idea and my approach is to accomplish it with pixy, which I found and bookmarked a few years ago - one of these “cool, that could be interesting one day”-things.
I’m currently in the proof of concept state and up to now everything works exactely as I was hoping for.

Like many projects this might as well vanish to nirvana but currently I’m keen to continue and I’ll keep You updated :slight_smile:



That’s funny coincidence!
I just published a Tripod with Gimbal platform for Pixy on Thingiverse.


… which is a little bit more complex :slight_smile:
very nice



whoa – nice gimbal!