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Replace Pixy lens for a thermal camera



I would like to know if I can replace the lens of pixy for a thermal sensor, the reference is “ADAFRUIT AMG8833 IR THERMAL CAMERA BREAKOUT” (https://www.adafruit.com/product/3538). The purpose of this replacement is to have nocturnal vision to count hot bodies in a room.

I’ve been checking the information that is available for this question but I still dont know if the lens of the pixy can be replaced by this kind of sensors. Aditionally I dont know how I could do that replacement.

Thanks for your attention.

Pedro Rubiano


Hi Pedro,
The sensor and lens of Pixy can’t be replaced by this product. (sorry)




thanks for the fast response!

It’s really sad news that the lens can´t be replaced, anyway, Which was the main reason that made you tell me this?
In the other hand, do you know of an IR lens or sensor that can be replaced in the pixy?




Hi Pedro,
The lens on Pixy can be replaced, but a thermal IR sensor is a different kind of device altogether. Thermal IR sensing is different than IR sensing. It is a longer wavelength and requires much more sensitivity.

Good luck!