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RCJ Approval for PixyCam2



I want to use the PixyCam2 with EV3/DEV in RoboCup Jr. for line tracing and intersections. The issue is that Robocup Jr may not allow me to do so because of the pre-existing PID controller. My questions are:

  • is that PID controller code embedded into your firmware?

  • is the PID controller code simply an independent library code which I can choose to link to or not?

  • I will use the pixy.line.getAllFeatures() to get all the vectors which I can write “my own” line tracking or even my own version of P.I.D. This pixy.line.getAllFeatures() will not provide me any P.I.D. features though. Correct?



The PID controller is not in the firmware. If you are targeting ev3dev OS, I assume you’re going to be programming in a textual programming language. (I’m ignoring the issue of getting Pixy2 to work with ev3dev though.)

The source code for the PID controller for Arduino is here, written in C++:

And there are examples that use the PID controller here:

Hope this helps




Thanks for the info! This will help me alot for the PixyCam approval.

  • Aadithya