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Problems with reading 2 targets from pixy 2


I’m using Pixy 2 and trying to read 2 targets that the pixy detects (both on the same signature).
The problem is that I recieve only 1 target most of the time, even though the pixy sees 2 targets when I check with pixyMon. I have tried both SPI and I2C .
The wired part is that when I connect to PixyMon using USB in parallel of my code I start seeing 2 targets again. As soon as I close PixyMon I see one target again (sometimes seeing 2)…

What may cause this?
I’m using a roboRIO (for FIRST FRC) with Java


I haven’t used RoboRIO with Java, but it sounds like some of the data isn’t getting to your controller – namely only one object is getting send/received.

You might check with the author, and perhaps refer to the protocol notes.