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Poor quality image


Hi all,
The image quality for my pixy2 is really poor, i have tried changing cables, ambient light conditions but i continue to get a flickering noise image. This is my second camera and i don’t have the problem with the first. Is there something i can try to fix this?


PixyMon v2 version 3.0.24
Pixy2 firmware version 3.0.11 general build (queried)
Pixy2 hardware version 2.2.0 (queried)




If you are using a gimbal, try disconnecting the two servo connectors.

If no joy, try getting a return authorization from Pixycam.com. The noise seems to me to be too regular for a bad connection. My guess is most likely a bad chip.


Hmm, this does look odd. We’ll contact you about possibly getting a replacement.



That’s, great, I think the chip is bad, I tried different connectors.

I need the camera by the 7th Jan, is this possible? My daughter is using it for a project in the
Young scientist competition.

I have a different pixy, but it will be hidden in a box, the one that looks bad will be a demo that people will play with and see. Think of it as good advertising, thousands will see it!