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PixyMon v2 Mac version 3.0.23 crashing


As a long time Pixy user I was very excited to get my hands on some of the Pixy2 cameras. Unfortunately I cant get the PixyMon software to load (crashes on opening). I have now tried on several macs and my Windows Parallels installation.

Any clues?

Mac is running OS 10.12.6


I think I have found the issue. Could be related to version of qt. I have tried on a mac running OS 10.13.6 and all went well. I will upgrade my macbook and try again.


I can confirm that the updated macbook runs Pixymon perfectly. Pixy2 is an awesome bit of kit!


Hi Neil,
Sorry for the problem with PixyMon on MacOS. We built it on OS 10.13.6, but despite targeting for 10.8 and greater, it seems to crash on every version except 10.13.6 (or greater I assume).

We may have to resort to installing an older OS and use it as our build machine. :neutral_face:

But you got it working, and that’s good :grinning:



I am new here.

pixymon 3.0.23 crashing on OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.6 (15G22010)

Is there any solution. For now, I cannot upgrade Mac OS.


You can rebuild Pixymon, which isn’t too difficult. There is information here:




Hi Edge

I am new to Pixycam. I recently bought a Pixy2. Today I. tried to install PixyMon on my Mac with Sierra installed (OS 10.12.6) and then found out it will not run after installation. For several reasons I do not at present want to upgrade the OS. I read the message about building from source and quickly found that the approach is beyond my ability. Do you have another suggestion for how I might get PixyMon up and running?



Hi Chris,
We don’t have a Sierra machine, otherwise we’d give it a try. I don’t know of any other solution besides rebuilding (sorry).



Thanks Edward. I will use a Windows laptop until such time as I update to High Sierra as I have not been able to build PixyMon from source.


I teach a high school robotics class, and have just bought five Pixy2’s for the class. All of the students’ (school-issued) laptop computers are running Mac 10.8.x

I’ve tried following the instructions to build page, but the school’s firewall will not let me download Xcode. The chances of getting the school to upgrade the OS on the students’ computers, or getting a change in firewall permissions is zero due to inertial and ignorance.

I’ve then tried to download xcode to a USB on my (Win7) PC at home, but it blows up.

Could anyone help out and do a build for OS 10.8.x and post it someplace (github)? I know little to nothing about Mac’s.

Thanks and best,


Hello Michael,
Sorry for the problems. FWIW I don’t think you need Xcode to build PixyMon.


You just need macports. Are you able to download macports?



Yes, but I’m getting ports not found when I tried to execute the commands.

Then, I went back and read the install manual (LOL) of macports, and it says that xcode has to be installed first.

I was able to download xcode 5.1 (which is supposed to be for that version of OS) at home yesterday. I’m teaching today, so I’ll try to install that, then run the macports again (I teach part-time, and have a ‘real’ job an ‘IT’ guy, but with a Windows environment).