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Pixy2 & Pixy Pin compatibility


Can I use the EV3/NXT cables with the Pixy2? I see the Pixy and Pixy2 are not completely pin compatible but the EV3/NXT only uses 5v, GND and i2c Clock and Data pins. So pin 10 and pin 8 (which appear different between Pixy and Pixy2) would not be used.

We will be programming this in EV3Dev and/or RobotC so really we just need i2c functionality so no special lego firmware version is needed.


I’m not sure what you mean by using “EV3/NXT cables”. Do you mean the LEGO Pixy cable that we sell or a cable that comes with EV3/NXT? The LEGO Pixy cable will only work with PIxy1. One of the GND signals in the I/O connector has changed between Pixy1 and Pixy2,

But it should be possible to make a LEGO cable by “hacking” a LEGO extension cable and connecting the correct wires on the Pixy2 I/O connector.


Hope this helps :slight_smile: