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Pixy2 LEGO example


In case you are interested in seeing a Pixy2 LEGO robot in action, here is a video link for a performance in RoboCup Junior Internationals in Sydney this year. The Australian team I mentored added the Pixy2 late in their performance to great effect. The Swedish Chef is a LEGO EV3 robot with Pixy2 attached to follow the yellow rubber chicken. The chicken was mounted on a dolly to make it easy to move around smoothly but also includes a black background behind the chicken to reduce false-positives. This was a good workaround to reduce risk in their performance but perhaps could have been solved without the need for the background if they had more time to investigate this.


Link forwarded to point where Swedish Chef chases the chicken:

Thanks for sharing! This is awesome :smiley:


No problems. I thought you would like to see your product in action. We very much took the hammer-looking-for-a-nail approach to how it was incorporated (i.e. we bought a Pixy2 before we worked out what would make sense in the performance) but it fits really well with the Swedish Chef.

I have another RoboCup Junior team using the Pixy2 LEGO in a completely different way so will post a video of this in another month or so.

Hi Grant,
Thanks so much for sharing and keeping you Pixy busy doing some thing fun :slight_smile: