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Pixy2 fw downgrade 3.0.13 => 3.0.11


i’m using pix2 in a line tracking AGV project. I made 3 of such AGVs. historically, i built one, then a few months later i created two others (same build). I am rather happy with the first one, but one of the two new AGVs gives me headache. It will lose the line 50 times a day whereas the two others would lose it 0~3 times a day.

I’m in the process of identifying the root cause of the issue. Using pixymon, i noticed that the firmware version are diffrent

first AGV
PixyMon v2 version 3.0.24
Pixy2 firmware version 3.0.11 general build (queried)
Pixy2 hardware version 2.2.0 (queried)

trooblesome AGV
PixyMon v2 version 3.0.24
Pixy2 firmware version 3.0.13 general build (queried)
Pixy2 hardware version 2.2.0 (queried)

I extracted the configuration, except for the barcode lables they are identical.
I want to downgrade 3.0.13 to 3.0.11
I noticed that your website offer 3.0.14 for download.

my questions

  1. can i safely downgrade my pixy2 from 3.0.13 to 3.0.11 ? (are there any specific steps i should follow compared to the normal procedure)
  2. where can i download 3.0.11 firmware?


You can find older versions here:

You don’t need to do anything special it you are uploading a less advanced firmware version.


thanks for your feedback.

i take for granted that basically on any pixy2 hardware version 2.2.0 i can upgrade/downgrade to any fw (3.0.11, 3.0.13 or 3.0.14) without any particular concern. => can you confirm please?

we just swapped on an older pixy2 cam using 3.0.11 fw, erased configuration and loaded the same configuration. It’s been 2 hours and no line_loss event occurred at all.
whereas, I would have before between 0 to 10 of such event in a hour (average ~2.7)
I hope that this will fix the behavior for good. only time will tell us

I tried to have a look at the git log but it’s hard to see where 3.0.11 and 3.0.13 are in there.
=> do you have any clue about changes in the line_follow algorithm that could explain this behavior?

I made some experiment by manually moving a line below each AGV and see the resulting x1 value (what i use to make motor moves). I observe rather smooth values with the 3.0.11 pixy2 and sometimes sudden changes in values with the two others (think discontinuous derivative).
I can post data/graphs if that helps.

Yes, you can use older versions of firmware 3.0.0 or greater on Pixy2 without concern.

I looked at the changes and there were very little changes to the line following code (line.cpp). You might compare the parameter values for the line tracking algorithm (compare config screens, tuning and expert) between versions.



Perhaps increasing the “line filtering” from 1 to 2 or 3 will help.



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