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Pixy2 camera lens information


Hello all,

I am doing a project with Pixy2 camera, but find that the camera cannot capture the object far enough.
As a result, I would like to add an external lens to the Pixy2 camera since the lens is not replaceable.
However, I can only find the lens information about the Pixy camera, but not for the Pixy2 camera.

Can anyone tell me the information about the lens of Pixy2 camera?



The Pixy2 lens is not replaceable (sorry). The original Pixy has replaceable optics. Several of our distributors are still selling them. When purchasing a new lens, make sure to get a lens with an IR-cut filter.




I mean I want to add a lens instead of replace it. What is the lens of Pixy2 camera? I need to know that to add a lens.


Pixy2’s lens has 60 degrees horizontal field-of-view and 40 degrees vertical field-of-view. That translates to a roughly 3mm focal length. This is all of the information we’ve been provided with.



Thank you for your information.