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Pixy 2 Zumo bot Error No Response

Whenever the Pixy cam is plugged into the Arduino(running the chase demo) the red light comes on but it won’t detect or move. I am getting this error. Searching for block... error: no response. I checked the wires and they connected. Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

When you say “the red light comes on”, which light are you referring to. Is it on Zumo or Pixy2?

Without fully understanding your problem. perhaps it’s a power issue. How are you powering your Pixy2? Are you using the cable that’s suggested in the howto guide?



yes well I modified a cable to match the directions

Did that fix the issue?

No do you know what the red light means?

Oh I am powering it through the cable too.
Ps. I am also in Austin

There are LEDs on the Zumo and and LED on Pixy. Which LED is lighting up red?


it is on the pixy the pixy wont move or anything but it is getting some sort of power through the cabel

Hmm, Pixy2 lighting up red usually means that it’s detected a red object that you trained it on.

Did you train Pixy using a red object? Does the LED turn off if you cover the lens with your hand or a piece of paper?

If the red LED stays on, you should make sure that Pixy is operating by hooking up your Pixy to a USB cable and running PixyMon.


So sorry for the late reply

it was not trained for a red object

pixy mon is working but it is not working with Zumo

If Pixy2’s LED is lighting up red without a red object, I would guess that Pixy2 is experiencing a power issue.

Were you able to make the cable detailed on this page?

If not, how are you powering your Pixy2?

If you have RC servos plugged into Pixy2, you might try to unplugging them and seeing if that helps, for debugging purposes.