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Pan/Tilt Mechanism can't detect 5 meters long


I bought Pixy2 Pan/Tilt Mechanism to do training and testing
I found that it only can detect trained article in 1 meter , the situation now is far away from our target .
Is there any one have the experience to adjust the settings and reach our target 5 meters?

Thanks for your help !!


Distance doesn’t affect Pixy, but object size in the camera does. If the object is sufficiently small in the image, Pixy may have trouble detecting the object. In general the object needs to be at least 4 pixels tall and 8 pixels wide.

Have you played with the adjustable parameters to get Pixy to detect your object more reliably?




Hi Edward,
Thanks for your reply .
Actually i play this a lot.
I have further question as below:

  1. How to train a signature better ? like camera brightness ,should I open the Toggle lamp during training it ?
  2. There are a lot of seting in the form , Can you explain how to adjust and what change of each one . How to make serveo motor stable , and pixy can detect longer.
  3. If the signature is not in front of the pixy , the motor is keeping shaking and can’t stay stably. Do you have any idea about this ?
    Looking forward to your reply.


I wouldn’t use the lamp during training. Please follow this guide for better signatures.

I’m having trouble understanding “lot of setting in the form” What form are you referring to?

Are you using the USB cable that came with your Pixy2? Or using a USB hub?

You might check out this guide as well:




each selection of these pics , I can’t match it to the situation I have.
Please kind explain how to adjust. Camera expert


servo signature%20labels


Perhaps you’ll find these pages useful: