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Motion Tracking (No Hue/Color,facial detection), just Motion


Hi Guys!
I was wondering if you played around with just simple motion detection and tracking when in development.
I would love to know if you did or are going to pursue and algorithm for that. Without tracking a color or hue,
just plain motion tracking.

I would guess others may like that as well?

If you have and it is already documented here, I apologize and please give me a link.

Thanks again,
Dan Thimm


Hi Dan,

We talked about it, but thats about as far as we got :slight_smile: It would be a great feature to implement sometime, but we won’t have time for a while now with everything else going on. We’d love to see someone else implement it and share it here!



I would also be very interested in having this capability. Preferably with the coordinates of the object(s) moving.

I’m not against trying to implement it myself, but I’m pretty far off from being able to do something like that. For now anyway.


Hi all , I’m a fresh new user of Pixy2 and I was expecting too this would do some “basic” object tracking using B&W calculation (so not only color detection ). My fault, I didn’t read correctly the manual before buying a Pixy2 cam. Any chance of seeing this coming in your dev plans guys :slight_smile: ?
(I was needing a B&W tracking on mat white background to search for black ‘insects’ … I guess I’ve to look for another solution maybe using openCV and so no-arduino hardware… if no such plans for Pixy ) .

thanks for any input.


Hi Clem,
Just to make sure I understand what you want – you want the ability to detect (and track) white (bright) objects regardless of motion, yes?

This can be tricky, but it’s doable under controlled circumstances – fixed lighting, fixed shutter, fixed threshold. Does this describe your application?

We’ve had a few requests for this kind of functionality, but most users opted to use an object with color/hue and not have the constraint of fixed lighting, etc, because hue/color is a much more reliable cue.

Have you considered using an object with hue/color?



Hi Edward , thanks for your reply .

in fact my project is detecting “black” insects using the cam in a fixed position , and so I was hoping such boolean operation like this one : https://docs.opencv.org/3.2.0/d1/dc5/tutorial_background_subtraction.html
so sorting a white mask (+ bounding box(es) center(s) values ) subtracting any moving/changing pixel from a static background :slight_smile:

Do you think it’d be doable with Pixy2 hardware/software ?

thank for your time


Hi Clement,
Pixy’s hardware is capable, but the software isn’t there yet (sorry). I’ll add this as a feature request.



ha great :slight_smile: . Thank you Edward !
(do you know by the way if we could see a ‘road map’ dev to get better overview and timing on future updates ? )



I can’t share (sorry) :frowning: