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Malfunction Pixy CMUcam5


Hi, I got a Pixy CMUcam5, and it worked perfectly this morning and before.

Then suddenly it seems like not detecting any colour, so I plug in USB cable to check but “error: No Pixy devices have been detected.” pops out in PixyMon.

I tried few cables which all are working before, but still get the same error.

I checked Device Manager and there is no response when I plug in the USB cable connected to Pixy.

I tried to connect while pressing the white button on the top to recover the firmware, but still cannot detect.

And when the USB cable is connected, the LED of Pixy is turn on in white colour and keep on. No flashing.

Is my Pixy damaged? Any more inspection or recovery that I can do?


Hi Kriz,

it sounds like you might have defective hardware. I’ll email you directly to follow up.