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LED don't turn off and device does not connect


I’m from Brazil and I bougth a Pixy CMUCAM 5 to do a my final work in University. I’ve had problems with the CAM when I try to conect the device on PC by USB. The LED turn on white and not turn off, the device does not connect on PC.
I try do install the new firmware but i can’t, it’s not working the connection with a PC, I only see the LED turn on white and don’t turn off anymore.

Thank you very much.


Hi Vitor,

I am following up via email.



i have the same issue


Hey Isaac,

ok, I will follow up via email.



Unfortunately I have the same issue :cry:


Are you using Pixy1 or Pixy2. Also have you tried to upload firmware to your Pixy?

Here are directions for Pixy1:




Hi Edward,
Yes, it’s the Pixy1, but uploading new firmware doesn’t work. I’ve successfully uploaded custom firmware many times, and I just tried again after your reply, unfortunately no good. White LED stays on, and PixyMon does not recognize Pixy in firmware upload mode.

The camera was just unwrapped, and did work, I uploaded custom firmware, it worked, and continued to work a few times, but now the camera is dead (after 4-5 start-ups). I have 3 other Pixy1 cameras running the same custom firmware, and they keep running, and has done so for months (50+ start-ups).

I fear the camera is actually dead :cry:



Hey Per,

I’ll get in touch with you via email. Thanks!