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LED constantly blue and not detected by PixyMon


We have been trying to get our Pixy2 to work with Arduino and worked fine for a few weeks. However, after it working in the morning we came back to find PixyMon v2 not detecting it and the LED constantly blue.I went through all the steps on this page http://cmucam.org/projects/cmucam5/wiki/I_get_the_message_%22No_Pixy_devices_have_been_detected%22_in_PixyMon including updating the firmware, however there is still no change. Thanks in advance.


Hmm, were you able to upload the firmware? If not, what error did you receive?

When you plug in Pixy to power (USB) can you describe what the LED does (how does it flash and what color?)



As soon as the Pixy is powered the LED becomes blue, and does not stop being blue even if we hold down the white button on top. When we try to upload new firmware by holding down the button before and during plugging the Pixy in the Pixy is not detected by PixyMon or Device Manager, and the light also still says the same blue. We havn’t been able to do anything that will turn the blue light off other than removing power.


Sorry for the problems – we’ll have someone contact you.