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Is it possible to save three lines of pixycam


Can I use pixycam to save three lines?
For example, there are a first line, a second line, and a third line.

Is it possible to go to the first line when entering ‘a’?


Hi Sung,

I don’t think Pixy2 has this functionality. It’s built to follow a single line, and its intersections. @edge might know better than me, though!



Hello Sung,
You can only track a single ine with getMainFeatures, which is what most Pixy users do. But you can track 3 lines (or more) by using getAllFeatures in the line tracking API:


It’s more difficult, because your program will need to acquire the 3 lines you are interested in tracking. These 3 lines will meet your own criteria (somehow). Pixy will track the lines between frames and register their indexes, however, so you don’t need to determine which line is which in subsequent frames.

Hope this helps!