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Information about cam potentiality


i haven’t experience with pixy cam.
i want to do 2 projects:

  1. i want to use pixy cam for a robot that can recognize some plants from grass. can pixy cam do this?
  2. i want to use pixy cam for recognize some swimmers in a pool by colour of their cups. In your opinion, does it work? Up to which distance does it work? will it able to recongnize a cup 10 meters far for example?


Hi Riccardo,
Recognizing plants from grass would need to rely on differences in the shade of green (I assume). Pixy’s color algorithm can detect different shades of the same hue, but the lighting will need to be consistent. I would guess that it would be challenging.

Detecting swimmer’s cap sounds like a task better suited to Pixy. At 10 meters, detecting a cup may be beyond Pixy’s abilities though. That is quite far for a small object. (sorry)



thank you so much Edward