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Increase the Line Vector Resolution


I already have a Pixy2 and try to use it for white line tracking. Unfortunately the resolution is only 78 pixel * 51 pixel (H*V) . How to increase the vector resolution to become more precisely to 512 pixel or maybe more?
I use the Pixy2 with Arduino Uno board for tracking white line in the dark room and narrow space. The distance between line and camera about 100mm.


There is currently no way to increase the line tracking resolution. Can you describe your application? Are you using the line tracking to measure something?



Hi Edward,

I use this camera for tracking a white line on the steel tube surface to following the weld position. The accuracy should be 0.5mm or lower.
So, every time this line out of center, some mechanical instruments that contain a few sensor will follow wherever this white line were moving.
Normally the width of line marking was 10mm and camera distance were 100mm. Now
I modify the white line width become 3mm and put the Pixy distance about 35mm, the accuracy are became 0.5mm.
So far the result was satisfy me, but 3mm line width made them easily erased if they were touching with some hard surface.
If there is any idea to increase the resolution, I appreciated…


Yes, I was going to suggest – if you need more accuracy, you can move Pixy closer to the object, but it looks like you’ve figured this out :slight_smile: Interesting stuff!

Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to increase the resolution for the line tracking algorithm. (sorry)