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How do I print images on Linux?


I’ve done all the tests provided on the homepage.
In our project, we’re going to have to print out images of Pixie, and in the demo we’re going to print a complete file, but only the data values are printed in the shell.
The images are not output separately. How do I get them?

We have to transmit this video to Android phones. I will use the server.


Hi Jaeil,

there are two methods: one is grabbing frames using PixyMon: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:pixymon_index#grab-and-save-a-frame-in-pixymon

Or, you can use libpixyusb and grab raw frames using the cam_getFrame function. There are a few people on the forum who have grabbed raw frames in this way. For example:

Hope this helps!


Thanks, but I’m still a student and I’m not used to working with Pixy.

As with the above question, you can use Pixymon on Windows to view the video

But on Raspberry Python Linux, can not it get the image through .py of pix2 / build / python_demo? Is there any relevant example of this?

I bought Pixy but I can not use it because I can not get the video. sad…


You can get video frames over USB through libpixyusb2. There is an example called “get_raw_frame”.



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To install libpixyusb2, check out this page:


Hope this helps!