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HELP! roboRIO and Pixy2 (for FRC)


We are FRC team 7741.
I have installed all of thing in following website.

I used I2C to connect.

First, I create the new roboRIO project.
Then, I program some code in teleOP.


At the same time, I change Pixy2’s interface in PixyMon2.
I also use probe watch window to make sure the data return.

Therefore, the array it return is empty.


By the way , my drive station show some error.

I have something wrong?


Hi Theo!

It appears that you have connected Pixy2 to roboRIO via the “Onboard I2C” connector, not the “I2C MXP” connector. Try switching the LabVIEW VI to use the “Onboard I2C” option instead.


Otherwise, things look like they should work. I haven’t seen the error you are seeing from the Driver Station before…

Let me know if that works for you!