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Hello_World stopped working on arduino UNO


Hi guys,
So when I finally got an Arduino UNO the first thing I did was try the hello_world example and it worked fine; it printed the size and location of every object in view to the Arduino serial monitor once per second until the Arduino was powered down.
A few days later I try it again, this time using a color code: no data comes through. I switch back to just the individual signatures: Pixymon reports an error, the feed goes black for ~four seconds and a single signature is reported to the serial window ~four times. It has the same size and position data each time.
The moment Pixymon reports a connection to the Pixy, the serial monitor stops updating, even though a single stable object is clearly recognized by the cam.
I’ve checked the physical connection to the Arduino and it seems solid enough.
Let me know what you think,


Sorry for the problems. Are you using Pixy1 or Pixy2?

Please make sure you are using the latest firmware and Pixymon versions.


Let me know what you find.



Thanks for getting to me,
I’m using Pixy1 and both the firmware and software are up to date


Hey Kyle,

can you confirm that you’re using our demo code still, unmodified? Are you able to try another Arduino to see if that’s the problem? Where and when did you purchase your Pixy?