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From Pixy to Pixy2 - Probelm Powering Pixy2


Hi there,

I just moved to the Pixy2 which I’m powering from the GPIO but it doesn’t seem to work…
The Pixy is connected to my robot’s main PCB which I was already using with the original Pixy.

I don’t have any problem when I’m using a USB cable but as soon as I use the GPIO, with pin 2 (regulated 5V), the pixy doesn’t power up…

Do you have any idea ? By the way, could you please give me the electrical schematic of the Pixy 2 ?

Thank you !


Bear in mind that the ground pins have changed between Pixy1 and Pixy2. Here is the new pinout – ground is pin 6 only.


You can find the schematic here: