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Firmware download error

Hello. I wanted to program pixy with modified firmware. Unfortunately after building whole firmware according to instructions on wiki I get the following error:
‘error:firmware header is not present or is corrupt’
And after that on pixymon in the console it says:
‘Pixy detected.
error: Can’t get firmware version’
Could you help me fix this asap?
(Even building clean project cloned from github shows the same error so it is not caused by my modifications)

You need to run fappend on the hex file:

You can run it as


to specify the firmware version

or you can run it without args if you don’t care. The version number is used as a clue to pixymon to compare firmware files.

fappend will take the firmware you built “pixy_firmware2.hex” and output a file with a header. :slight_smile:


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