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Fastest tracking


Dear Sir,

I have a particular and unique project in mind and was wondering if it might be feasible to use the new Pixy2 sensor.

I am interested in tracking several moving objects as fast as possible and storing their box dimension, signatures into an array. I am NOT interested in having the image displayed onto the monitor, just the data capture.
Is this possible with the new Pixy ? Is there a way to turn off all video information to increase the data rate? Am I limited to the 60 HZ?



Hi Alexander, I am quite new to Pixy but I think I can answer:

Sure you can, I believe this is the mean scope of the device… you can send via serial some info like this:

Detected 1
      block 0: sig: 1 x: 160 y: 111 width: 140 height: 135 index: 38 age: 45
    Detected 1
      block 0: sig: 1 x: 162 y: 109 width: 140 height: 133 index: 38 age: 46
    Detected 1
      block 0: sig: 1 x: 162 y: 109 width: 140 height: 135 index: 38 age: 47

I don’t think you can go higher than that, this is the limitation of the device… or maybe doing some “hacking” on the firmware reducing also the resolution? …maybe other experts can answer on that

Thanks, Francesco


Hi Alexander,
As Cicka mentioned, you can just get the detected object data through the standard Arduino cable and API.

If you are running PixyMon with a USB cable connected to Pixy, it will slow down the detection rate by about 1/2. You can increase this back to 60hz by only displaying the “Blocks” through the “View” menu:


Or you can just not run PixyMon to get the 60Hz framerate.

Cicka is also correct about the framerate – 60Hz is the maximum framerate Pixy2 supports.