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Default mode not returning color codes?


I am using 3 color colorcodes to create a 3 digit number my project will use.
In cooked mode it works fine…sees colors and shows the 3 digit cc.

But in Default mode it does not return the same 3 digit value as cooked mode does…it either returns 2 digit value or none at all.

As well it does not return the correct 3 digit value to the LEGO pixycam routine when simply polled for a value…which is essential for my EV3 to be able to use the colorcode values in my project.

Can u suggest how to resolve this ?
Is this a known bug ?
I am using pixycam 1, with an EV3 in Windows XP.
Thanks for any help…desperate at this point.


I just updated my pixycam1’s firmware from 2.0.17 to 2.0.19 and after one quick initial test it is working.
Hopefully it will stay working.
Is the fw update a known fix for this issue ?



It sounds like you are using a Pixy1. Are you using the latest firmware (2.0.19) and latest PixyMon version (2.0.9)?

Note that there may be some differences between default and cooked modes since default mode uses two-times the resolution as cooked mode. These differences tend to only be around the margins. You might consider improving the detection accuracy:




Hi Edward, thanks for your prompt reply and for supporting pixy1 for LEGO.
As I mentioned, and you confirmed, upgrading firmware on my PIXY1 to 2.0.19 has solved the problem.
Default mode now returns color codes as expected.
We are not having trouble w detection accuracy as the settings allow us to resolve that.
It was purely a go / no go issue, which is now sorted.