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color code could not be entered into the pixy lego block


I found that when using the “compare mode” on the pixy block, the wait, loop and switch blocks, the signature input only allows number up to “7” while the instruction implies that we could enter “color code” e.g. 123 for the block to search for a particular color code signature. Any idea how to enter a color code (e.g. 123) for the cam to search and compare? Or it could only work with single color code?


We are working on reproducing this issue and will get back to you soon.



We totally agree that compare mode should work with color coded signatures, and you’re right, compare mode only allowed 0 to 7 as signature possibilities. Here’s the fixed version of the Pixy block.

Please import into your EV3 environment, restart the EV3 IDE and let us know what you find!



Did you give the new module a try?



Sorry for the delay, yes, the new module works fine so far. I will test it more during the daytime when the lighting is better.

thanks a lot!