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CMUcam5 Malfunction



We sell the CMU camera on our store and we have a University client that already aquired 2 units that malfunction in this way:

1º - Pixy CMUcam5 – Connected to the PC through the USB cable work perfectly;
2º - Pixy CMUcam5 – Connected to the Arduíno via flat ribbon cable (input/output port (i2c, uart, spi) work perfectly;
3º - Pixy CMUcam5 – Connected to the Arduíno via flat ribbon cable and via USB to the PC, burn the input/output port (i2c, uart, spi).

We aquired this units through the distributor and we are sending them back, but we need to know if this is a known issue, where is the warning for this situation (the client told us that there are no warning for this) and now want another camera but with this problem fixed.

We need to know what to do in this cases.



This is definitely not an issue we’ve heard of before. Pixy1 or Pixy2 can be connected to an Arduino through the Arduino cable, and to a computer through a USB cable, simultaneously, without any issues whatsoever.

The question we have is what do you mean by “burn the input/output port”? Is the communication to Arduino no longer working? and is it assumed that the simultaneous connections (PC and Arduino) is what caused it?

Is your customer using the supplied Arduino cable, or are they using their own cable? How are they powering Pixy? Pixy’s I/O port has some vulnerabilities, in particular, reverse polarity and overvoltage on the digital I/O pins.



Hi Edward,

I’ve already asked the client to reply to your questions.

Thank you, regards


Hi Pedro,

please refer to our email exchange for further details on this issue.