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Cannot leave firmware uploading mode(pixy2)


I may accidentally push the button, when I plugged the Pixy2 camera on my computer with Debian. It entered the firmware uploading mode and I can’t find out any solution to leave the mode even after installing the latest firmware v3.0.11 with PixyMon. It just keeps returning to the file selection dialog. Is it a hardware issue or I can cope with it through software?


When you first plug your Pixy2 into the USB port, does the LED illuminate pink and then turn off? Please describe what the LED does.



Yes, the LED does illuminate pink first, and turn off after a few minutes.


As one last test, do you have another computer you can plug Pixy into (via USB)? You don’t need to install PixyMon on the computer. I’m just curious if the pink LED turns off more quickly. (Normally, the pink LED should turn off after 1 second or so. I’m wondering if it’s a power issue with the USB port/computer you are using.)



Hi, Edward
After a systematical test, I notice some I have not noticed before. I test the camera on two computers under two conditions and the results seem the same. First, I plug Pixy into the USB port without running PixyMon and the pink LED never turns off at least within 15 minutes. Oppositely, as long as PixyMon is executed, the LED turns off normally within 3 seconds and PixyMon enters firmware programming mode. In addition, I have another Pixy2 camera bought at the same time, and it operates perfectly on both computers and conditions.



Hi Alex,
Someone will contact you via email – it appears that you have a hardware problem.