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Can we change line mode from white to dark multiple times in an aduino code?


I wonder there are many things i need to switch in my arduino code which is not possible in pixy2.
Also is there any way to use multiple programming modes like color code and line detection simultaneously ?


You can change the white/dark line mode fairly quickly. It might be difficult to determine which subsequent frames will apply to the new mode. There may be a stray frame with the old mode after you switch. If you skip the next frame after switching, you will get the data you expect in subsequent frames.

Regarding switching line tracking to color connected components and back again, this takes some time, a 2 or 3 frame periods. You can’t do both modes simultaneously.



I know i can not use both programs at the same time, but how can I add some conditions for the arduino program to change it while running it? For example:

when there’s no color to be seen: line tracking program
when there’s a block of color in a certain range: change to a color program.

I need help with this ASAP please. It’s for a project.


I’m not sure what your question is. Are you asking how to change programs? Note, the line program doesn’t have knowledge of color connected components objects and vice versa.