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Camera Color Display Bug



So I have a really specific problem. I am trying to measure the rgb of LEDs and everything is working perfectly except sometimes the camera changes the way it views the light. I will show picture examples. The settings I have the camera are raw display and no white balance but the problem also persists in white balance mode.



Okay so both images are sensing the same exact LED, and the first image is the correct value, and usually when i measure LEDs with the same color, it gives me the exact rgb percents every time. The second image is a result of me passing the pixy cam over other lights like red blue or whatever mix and then coming back to the green, the green LED will then display on the camera a little lighter and with a different hue. In this case the difference is mild but sometimes it displays completely off target. Usually to fix it I have to wave the camera around the room so it gathers different lights around the room and then when I return it to the green LED it is showing the same 73%. Is there a function I need to deactivate that is causing the cam to misconstrue the video feed in the name of color correction? Or maybe a piece of code in the Qt build I can meddle with? Or maybe even you guys have Information on the nature of the problem that I can work around during runtime.


Hi Juan,
I’m not sure what would be causing this, although you might try disabling “auto exposure correction”. This will ensure that the exposure stays the same regardless of the lighting conditions.


Of course, you need to make sure that “auto white balance” is disabled regardless.