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Black detection ! (Yup again..)


Hi !

Aware that pixy cams (1&2) are not really able to track black/white object because they have not “proper hue”, I’m still wondering if the cam can track a black object on a white board ( for example : a black puck on the ice ).

I will be grateful if someone who has a cam can try this out ! (I mean tracking a little object on a white sheet ^^)



You’re right, Pixy doesnt’ support detecting black and white objects. It tends to be really touchy because white tends to show up in overexposed parts of the image, but black is worse because it tends to show up in underexposed/underlighted portions of the image, which are more common.

Can you describe your application? Would it be possible to make the puck a different color?



Hi !

Hmm not at all, my goal is to track insects (4/5 cm ones which are mainly black) :confused:

Do someone knows any alternative ?( I know if i was able to modify the programs/code i could test, but i am definitively not able. )

I was looking for a ultrarapid tracking cam (as pixy) but to work more with color contrasts.

Thank a lot !