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3D model or detailed dimensions


Hello everyone, is there a 3D model of the hardware of the camera or at least some detailed dimensions?

It would make integrating the camera much easier.


It appears to me that this drawing and both of the drawings on the nominal dimensions Documentation page are in conflict. From the dimensions page lower 2 mounting holes are either 6mm (top drawing) or 6.4mm apart (bottom drawing). Similarly, the 3rd mounting hole is either 13mm from center (drawing above) or 13.9mm from center (dimensions page).

I don’t have my Pixy2 board (yet), so not knowing the actual size of the board makes it hard to plan for integration. Also, as said above, a solid model would really help.


Whoops! Those would be my conflicts on the dimensions page - the hole spacing is 6.4mm center to center. I need to make a new graphics file…

Thanks for catching that!