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Will Pixy identifies the variable size objects with same color ?


Hi Techies,

First of all I am sorry for uploading many images.

I am planning to build a Chili pepper harvester robot for my farm with help of Pixy. My aim is to identify the ripped chili peppers one after one from the plant.

With Pixy is it possible to identify the single ripped chili pepper (color in RED) among the hundreds of ripped and raw chili peppers ?

I have attached 5 different images of chili pepper plants which i cultivate in different small farms. I am planning for single robot with Pixy to harvest all these type of chili pepper plants.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Naveen,

Pixy identifies objects based on color, and it looks like you have great contrast so it will definitely pick up the ripe, red chilies. Distinguishing between them might prove difficult - basically, Pixy lumps together any contiguous regions of color it seems into a single object. So if several chilies overlap in the field of view, Pixy may report them as a single object.

It’s worth a shot though!

Hope this helps,


Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your Answer.

Will Pixy lumps together contiguous region of colors if the objects are in different location(Why because based on the distance color brightness will vary though both are in adjacent in 2d view but actually a gap of 5 centimeters in 3d view) ?
What i mean is, think that two red chili are hanging in front of pixy cam 5 with the distance of one is 10 centimeters and other one is with 15 centimeters away but both are adjacent(or some times a gap of 1 centimeter and above) in front view (2D view) but actually in 3D view one red chili is behind the other with distance of 5 centimeters.



Hello Naveen,
If in Pixy’s image, two objects are less than 2 pixels apart, Pixy will combine them into a single object. Since Pixy is in essence a simple camera, it doesn’t know 3d information, like how far away two objects are from each other in depth. So you can have two objects that are far apart (in depth), but depending on how they line up in the image, Pixy might combine them.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Edward for clarification.



Did you find solution for your chili distance determine ?
I’m just ordered pixy2 and I’ll work on the same thing. I’ll let you know soon as evaluate the unit.



Hi Istvan,
Pixy2 has added the “max merge distance” which will allow you to adjust the merge distance of adjacent blocks.


You can set it to 0 and thus maximize Pixy’s ability to distinguish between 2 neighboring objects.