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Turn on/off Signatures form Serial I/O



I need to turn on or off specific signatures from the serial I/O interface. Is it possible to do this?



Hi Milt,

can you say more about what you’re trying to do? Turning on / off signatures isn’t really something that Pixy does…it sends all the data about objects it sees, and it’s up to your program to filter that data. You could conceivably reset the signatures, but that seems like a brute force method…



I am using Pixy on a Robotic Arm to track two or three objects of different color signatures. One object is larer than the others. After Pixy locks onto and tracks the larger object, I need Pixy to then lock on to the smaller object and track it. The smaller object lies on top of the larger one. Pixy cannot lock onto the smaller object . The interface I am using is I2C to a Parallax microprocessor which, incidentally, works great.

Thanks, Milt


Hello Milt,
Interesting. Unfortunately, this kind of enabling and disabling signatures isn’t currently supported. We’ll add this to our list of feature requests though.



When do you anticipate doing your list of feature requests?



Hello Milt,
Sorry, I don’t mean to mislead – we’ll add it to the list, but it doesn’t mean it will be implemented. It will be considered though. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any timeframes for when this will happen.



As far as your application goes, I’m a bit confused - you say you need Pixy to track the smaller object, but you also say that Pixy can’t lock onto it. Why not?

Pixy spits out all the blocks it sees at the same time - so if you can get it to recognize your smaller object, you can write some code to distinguish between the larger and smaller blocks (larger is reported first by Pixy) and depending on some trigger, switch between them.


The smaller object lies on top of the larger object and Pixy cannot see it because the larger object signature overrides the smaller one. If there is some way to set the signature range of the larger object to zero from the I2C interface then the Pixy will track the smaller object.