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No output while connecting Pixy2 to Arduino due


As its written in the title i get no output while its working fine with Arduino UNO/Mega. Wat might be the cause ??


Utilisez vous le pixymon spécifique à la Pixy2? bonne recherche
Do you use the pixymon specific to pixy2? good research


Hello Mohamed,
Please follow the steps in this guide:


Let me know what you find.



Thanks for your response. However, the problem is in the SPI connection. I followed your guide and get nothing, and when changing to I2C it worked fine.


Hello Mohamed,
That’s strange – are you using the supplied Arduino cable for SPI communication or are you using something else?

If you are using Pixy2, be sure to use the Pixy2 Arduino library found in this page. (not the original Pixy Arduino library)

Do you prefer i2c, or would you like to get SPI working?



I am using the supplied arduino cable for SPI, and it’s working fine with an Arduni UNO/MEGA. However, like I said it’s not working with Arduino DUE.
I am fine using I2C for now, but I think it’s something you should take a look at it.


Hello Mohamed,
Ah, Arduino DUE — sorry for my sluggishness

We recently checked in a fix for DUE. Try this – download the latest pixy2.h from github:

And replace the Pixy2.h file installed in your documents/Arduino/libraries/Pixy2 directory. Then recompile your example. Let me know what you find.



Thank you for you help. I’ll let you know ASAP.


hi, I already download the last version of pixy2 for arduino and it is still does not working the spi connection


Hi Alan,

can you say more about what you’re trying to do?