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Missing displayname


Hi there,

Finally starting to play with my pixy2 cam for lego I have a display issue with all the related blocks.

Actually every information pop-up I get when mousing over an item only give me a “MISSING DISPLAYNAME”.

Here is what I’m talking about :

Both my brick and my softwares are up to date (I tried with educational and home version as well).

Any help with that please ?

I really can’t get my hand on it right now :frowning:

Thanks by advance !


I think that may be a language support issue with the Pixy2 block… I will investigate!



Ok thanks.

But that would be strange, isn’t english the native language ?


I’m having the same problem. Working on Windows 10, Mindstorms Education version 1.4.2 Dutch.


The block names were incorrect.

I have a fix to try. I’ll get it into the repo shortly.


Here is a new version with different language options enabled. Can someone give it a try and let us know what you find? thanks!




Still the same issue for me, both in French and in English :frowning:



Also for me still the same issue (Dutch).



Sorry about that – we’ll get back with another version to try soon.



Please give this version a try.


Be sure to restart the LEGO IDE after updating the Pixy2 blocks.


Yes :+1:, this version (2.0.8) works fine for me, although text is not in Dutch yet.


That’s good, thanks. We haven’t localized the blocks, unfortunately.



If you like, I can do the translation to Dutch for you…


Hi Kees,
Thanks for the offer! We should probably look into other languages as well. We might be in touch :slight_smile: