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Missing displayname


Hi there,

Finally starting to play with my pixy2 cam for lego I have a display issue with all the related blocks.

Actually every information pop-up I get when mousing over an item only give me a “MISSING DISPLAYNAME”.

Here is what I’m talking about :

Both my brick and my softwares are up to date (I tried with educational and home version as well).

Any help with that please ?

I really can’t get my hand on it right now :frowning:

Thanks by advance !


I think that may be a language support issue with the Pixy2 block… I will investigate!



Ok thanks.

But that would be strange, isn’t english the native language ?


I’m having the same problem. Working on Windows 10, Mindstorms Education version 1.4.2 Dutch.


The block names were incorrect.

I have a fix to try. I’ll get it into the repo shortly.


Here is a new version with different language options enabled. Can someone give it a try and let us know what you find? thanks!




Still the same issue for me, both in French and in English :frowning:



Also for me still the same issue (Dutch).



Sorry about that – we’ll get back with another version to try soon.



Please give this version a try.


Be sure to restart the LEGO IDE after updating the Pixy2 blocks.


Yes :+1:, this version (2.0.8) works fine for me, although text is not in Dutch yet.


That’s good, thanks. We haven’t localized the blocks, unfortunately.



If you like, I can do the translation to Dutch for you…


Hi Kees,
Thanks for the offer! We should probably look into other languages as well. We might be in touch :slight_smile:



Hi edge,
i have the same problem with the missing displayname, but i´m using the EV3 Home Edition. Is it possible that you can upload the Lego blocks version 2.0.8 as a “.ev3b” file so i can use the block import tool of Lego EV3 Home Edition?
Thanks by advance



Hi Micha,

Just change the the extension ‘.zip’ to ‘.ev3b’ and you can import this block.



Hey Kees,

perfect, it works.
Thank you for the fast help.