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Colour response of Pixy2



Just wondering what is the highest colour frequency the PIXY2 camera can detect?
IE. How much UV light can it detect, if at all?
Is there a datasheet somewhere for the sensor module …. If so …… Where is it to be found?



Found out what the chip is: Aptina MT9M114, but still not sure about colour response.


Hey Tegwyn,

this is a question for @edge. I know that with original Pixy, the included lens had an IR cutoff coating applied to the lens…but Pixy2 has a new camera assembly, and I’m not sure about the specs. They may not exist, tbh! But we’ll see what Edward has to say (he is currently out of town until Weds at least).

Thanks for your patience,


Hello Tegwyn,
Here is the datasheet for the MT9M114:

Look at figure 41. Hope this helps!